My all-time favorite brand has once again come through and they’ve even one-upped themselves by addressing my largest skincare concern…WRINKLES!

Bliss Spa has unveiled their latest skin care collection, The Youth as We Know It.   This particular line is unique because they actually use it in the facials at Bliss Spa NYC

  • The Youth as We Know It™ Cleanser – This “super cleanser” was designed to take care of 5 important things in one wash.  Dissolves make-up and dirt, helps tie moisture to the skin, brightens, increases oxygen flow on the surface of skin and protects collagen and elastin in the skin. $30.00



  • The Youth As We Know It™ Eye Cream – Like its facial moister counterpart, this eye cream also has ten anti-aging ingredients designed to reduce puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and brighten around the eye area.  Its ophthalmologist tested and 100% contact lenses safe! $75.00


  • The Youth As We Know It™ Serum – This super concentrated serum packs a powerful punch to your skin.  A six-in-one serum, its ingredients work to: release supercharged hydrators, plump instantly, promote radiance and luminosity, improve skin’s firmness, brighten and clarify, and help to increase cellular oxygenation. $70.00




I’ve been using the line for three weeks and already see an improvement!  All products are available at or at your local Sephora Store.

 -Jana Gersten

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