schoolbusJust a couple of days ago my twins were riding the big yellow bus on their way home from school. It was about 4:30pm. They are usually home by this time.

I received a phone call from the school telling me that the bus they were on had been in an accident. I instantly felt that rush of worry and anxiety just hoping my babies were OK, as any parent would when answering a phone call like this. The woman stressed to me that the children and the bus were all OK. Someone had poor judgment and side swiped the bus while stopped at a light. Buses are like tanks so the car lost that battle, but luckily everyone involved in the accident was just fine.

I was thankful for this phone call for several reasons.  First, it prepared me for the dramatic conversations that would be taking place the second my sweet boys came barreling through the door. They had never been in any sort of car accident before, thank goodness, so I knew this was going to be a big deal that would be discussed for at least a week or so.

I was told by the woman who contacted me that the children would be home shortly after we spoke, just as soon as the police officer handling the accident was finished with his job. Finally an hour later, they arrived back at home. Sure enough, the door was hardly open and they started chattering loudly so hyped up, recounting the bus accident and the car involved and any other detail they could come up with. Any story regardless what it is about is always so much better coming from six year olds!

I calmed them down and hugged them, reassuring them that they were alright and told them that accidents happen, which is why it’s so important to pay attention when driving. They like to be a little bit hyper when they’re riding in the car with me, which sometimes makes it difficult to concentrate on driving. So I used this story to explain to them, “ this is why when mommy is driving you must remain relaxed and not throw things at your older brother and be loud and crazy.” Connor’s face looked like a light bulb went off in his head, it was then that he realized that this is what could happen.

Later that evening, as we were getting situated to eat dinner, I noticed an awful bunch of strange black stuff all over Connor’s face. It looked like dirt or grease or something. I tried to wipe it off and it wouldn’t budge. Then I realized….it was gum. Somehow he managed to smuggle a piece of gum on the bus ride home. Apparently he was chewing it and had a giant bubble in his mouth when the bus was side-swiped, and it popped all over his face and neck. Thank goodness for peanut butter! It was the only thing I could use to get the grimy gum off of his little face and neck. He was laughing and licking it off of his face– he thought I was a weirdo for smothering it all over him. Then he said peanut butter is magical because it took all of the gum off of him and it didn’t hurt a bit.

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