strawberrypickingIt’s berry season, ya’ll! Yup, it’s time to devour those delicious, colorful morsels that mother nature gives us this season, and we are VERY excited about it.

Since we live in California and strawberries grow here quite nicely, people all over selling their goods. You can literally pick up a huge box of bright red berries right off the side of the road. It’s magical.

While adding them to a smoothie, or perhaps cutting up a few and topping off your morning oatmeal is the easy way out, there are a TON of amazing recipes that include these pieces of nature’s candy that you really should consider trying.

Since we love browsing the net for new cooking ideas, it’s time again for us to share with you some awesome recipes we’ve found that include this seasonal treat.

Risotto – We’ve never even heard of making strawberry risotto but this sounds too delicious to pass up. Definitely marking this one for a future meal.

Biscuits – Can’t go wrong with strawberries and cream biscuits. A nice little mid-afternoon treat with a cup of tea. Sounds delightful.

Empanadas – If you know us at all, you know we love us some empanadas. This recipe is a mix of strawberries and rhubarb. If you’re a meat eater, perhaps some chicken or the addition of goat cheese would kick it up a notch!

Souffle – Can’t have a strawberry list without a dessert option! Try making a soufflĂ© instead of a pie this season. Actually, make both and then send us a taste.

Tilapia – Strawberry salsa on some Tilapia sounds like a great summer dish to serve your guests at your next dinner party. (It’s summer in our mind)

Bread – The smell of fresh bread coming out of the oven combined with the scent of strawberries should be bottled up and put into a candle jar.

What strawberry recipes do you love? Let us know down below!

-Sasha Huff

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