Plastic bottles in recycling conceptOnce upon a time I watched a documentary called Tapped and it changed my perspective on bottled water forever. I was so inspired by what I’d learned that I immediately purchased a BPA free, re-usable water bottle, made sure the water fountains at our work were in fact working, and the rest is sort of history.
I don’t want to turn this article into a preachy, better than thou message, but I do hope to at least open your mind a bit to the idea of purchasing, and using a reusable container for your water as soon as possible.
Here’s the deal. Like anything else, the water bottle industry is a business. They are in it to make money, and they are selling you something that is free from your faucet every day. Now before you get all flustered with me, I want to make it clear that I am speaking about areas of our country, and our world, where there is clean drinking water readily available, and at-home filtration systems that will keep you safe and healthy. Basically, I’m speaking to those of you who really have no excuse.
If the basic facts of it helping our environment, keeping us safe from the chemicals in plastic, and putting you on the list of people who are no longer supporting companies that are harming communities all over our country, how about this one: it will save you a ton of money! For the one time price of under $10 you can get a never ending supply of bottled water instead of paying anywhere from $1 – $4 a bottle every time you are thirsty!
My water bottle has become such a staple of my daily outfit and routine that my friends go so far as to call it my action figure accessory. You know, every doll has one, and mine happens to keep me hydrated and happy every day.
So, what say you? Any chance I’ve changed at least one mind to give it a try?
-Sasha Huff

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