decorateLearning how to spell new words and write out sentences come with the territory when you have first graders. They are always excited and so proud of themselves when learning new, big words and when they are able to read a book to mom it’s the best. It’s a true sign that the baby years are over and they’re growing up, all too fast.

When I was putting away laundry the other day I noticed little words written in various places around my daughter’s bedroom, I found more in my sons room, in the basement, and on a couple walls. I knew where this was coming from. I had a little team of decorators living in our house.

When I approached the twins about this they as usual, blamed the other one, because they knew they couldn’t get away with blaming their older siblings, not with that handwriting. What they forgot was several of the little words that my new little interior design crew had on display were their names. Clearly the “Connor” written in green marker in a few different places couldn’t be him, along with scribbles of sentences he was attempting to put up. Might I add they really sound out words well and spell them correctly, as much as I wanted to praise the fact they were doing so, I couldn’t.

It was frustrating to me that Kelsie posted her name all over her pink dresser and on the side of her bed although, I did this as a child too. I remember my father was so mad at me, I didn’t want to get into trouble for it anymore so I found inconspicuous spots to write my name and other words instead of the obvious spots I chose before. When I was older and moved out of my parent’s house those little scribbles were still intact and we chuckled about them.

I approached the twins again about the new decorations all over my house and explained how much I didn’t appreciate them doing this to our home. Instead of getting mad at them I chose to make them clean up their messes they had made. I went to the store and bought Mr. Clean Magic Erasers and gave them each one and made them clean most of their designs. It gave them a new outlook about when it comes to writing on walls and everything of the sort, they have not re-designed our house since. I also purchased more dry erase markers for the big giant erase board that they have in their play room and instructed them if they feel the need to scribble, write sentences, their name or make up new words this is where they have to do it.

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