iStock_000019829735SmallYet another adventure in art projects! This week it was a fun and simple craft of faux stained glass windows. It is perfect for younger school aged kids on those days when you are simply stuck inside.

To make your own, measure your window that you want to hang it in. Or grab an old frame and measure that. Cut a piece of wax paper to fit your measurements.

Grab some Sharpie markers and make your designs. I found it easiest to start in the center and make the focal picture first. We made hearts, but there is no reason you have to keep on the love theme. We drew the heart first with a black Sharpie. Then we used the same black Sharpie to divide the heart into random shapes. Once we liked how that was looking we transitioned onto the background. Our background was mostly just squares and rectangles. When you finish with the black it is time to color.

All of the sections of the heart received the same red color, while the background ended up any color my kids could find that wasn’t red. Your local superstore should sell a pack of Sharpies that contains practically the entire rainbow.

Be aware that you need to be careful, and wear art friendly clothing, the Sharpie ink can be a bit wet at first.
When everything is good and dry, hold it up to a window and watch the light shine through.

-Stephanie Wright

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