Sometimes people are shy, this includes little kids, sometimes little kids can be extremely shy.  If you find yourself with a shy child there are definitely things you can do to help them.  However, you must realize that they may always be shy, no matter what you say or do.  That’s okay too. 

When children are small they often learn from watching mom and dad.  If your child is shy make sure you show them how to act in a social situation.  You do not need to point out that you are setting an example, but it’s wise to be confident in social situations.  This can help your child see that talking to others is okay. 

When your child does choose to talk to someone, say hello or whatever it may be, remember to praise them!  Tell them how great and polite it was to say hello.  When they choose not to say hello, try not to badger them.  If you can, refrain from trying to explain to the other person by saying, “Oh, sorry my son is shy.”  There is a chance that your child could hear this and think, “Wow, something is wrong with me, and mommy feels like she has to apologize for me.”  Of course, they may never think that, but at the same time it is a possibility that they could think that.  I only know because my husband who is generally not outspoken, was called shy all his life by his mom and dad.  He reflects that when he was young he used it as a crutch, and thought that it was something wrong.  To avoid that possibility say something like, “Maybe next time.”  Then leave it at that. 

Give your child a chance to bloom, and they might surprise you.

-Stephanie Wright

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