If you decide that you want to document your time while pregnant with pictures, there are a few things you might want to consider.  First, go with a photographer who is well established and has taken maternity photos before.  Don’t just let your friend with a camera do this.  I’m sure that they could do an okay job, but here is the thing–  Professional photographers are well versed in how light will accentuate or hide parts of your body.  They will know how to make your bump look as glorious as it is, while helping you keep any parts of your body you aren’t comfortable showing where it belongs, out of your picture.  They will show you in your best light.  I guarantee that you will like the photos taken by a professional more. 

Aside from that, you want to make sure that you dress in a fashion that truly shows off the beauty of being pregnant.  Clothes that hug your belly are always great choices.  Try to avoid patterns that can take away from you.  Patterns are fine, but try to not make it so busy that you have to compete with it. 

Makeup wise less is more when pregnant.  Pregnancy is such a natural thing it is always best to seem natural yourself.  Take the time to look at other people’s maternity photos so you can guide your photographer to get the shots you really want.  For me, I never wanted my bare belly in the photos.  That just wasn’t my thing at the time.  My photographer and I talked out what would work best for me, and now I have photos that I cherish and can show my children.  If you are comfortable while taking the pictures, you will be more comfortable sharing them too!

-Stephanie Wright

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