brusselssproutsOne thing we are way guilty of is enjoying side dishes more than the main course. It’s kind of always been a thing of ours, which is why we’ve always been a fan of restaurants that have side dish only meal options. $8.99 for three side dish choices? Sold.
Since we are trying to make more meals at home, it’s been fun experimenting with different side dishes that we can eat as an entire meal. Here are some that we’ve really enjoyed.
Brussels Sprouts – We’ve said it before, and we will keep yelling it from the roof tops: if you haven’t jumped on the brussels sprouts train as an adult, it’s time to get it together. These delicious green veggies will fill you up and all of the delicious vitamins in them will keep your body happy. We love this┬árecipe and this┬árecipe too!
Sweet Potatoes – There are a million ways to enjoy a sweet potato as a side, but if you want to make a full meal of it, stuff it full of veggies. Steamed kale and broccoli are a good start with some feta cheese (and maybe some bacon but you didn’t hear it from me!) and you are ready to roll. Have some bread with it, or a little cup of soup if you’re still hungry!
Quinoa – Are you into Quinoa yet? If not, it’s time. This protein packed side dish will keep you full for hours. Some great recipes to try: this & this. You can eat it hot or cold. Some people even put it on top of mixed greens to make a little salad out of it. Delicious.
Sometimes a few side dishes are all you need to feel satisfied, full and leave with a happy belly. Try out a few of those recipes, and get back to us!
-Sasha Huff

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