springcleaningtoolsSpring has sprung, which for many of us, means a massive spring cleaning is in order. Time to clear that clutter, dust under the bed, and donate all those no longer loved clothes and shoes! And to help you with this seemingly overwhelming endeavor, here are five tools that no spring cleaner should be without:

1. Rubber gloves – You haven’t cleaned your toilet in how long? No matter what the answer,¬†hygiene¬†is your best friend, and these industrial-quality rubber gloves will keep your delicate hands from touching anything icky and unthinkable, as well as protecting you from the harsh chemicals of whatever cleaning agent you’re using.

2. Clear boxes – Like these from the Container Store. These are perfect for stowing away anything that doesn’t get daily use like bulky winter clothes, or Christmas decorations. And, sure, it may not have a cute pattern on it, but clear is best so you can always see what’s inside. Who loves going through tons of boxes, only to find that one shirt you were hunting for was squished at the bottom of the very last one? Not this girl.

3. A hand vacuum – Sure the full size version is great for floors and all, but trust us, come spring cleaning time, you’ll notice all those dust bunnies in those corners and other hard to reach places that only a hand vacuum can reach. Plus it’s way easier to tote from room to room.

4. A plan – Spring cleaning with no plan will just get overwhelming and frustrating. Print out a checklist like this one, and get to work checking off the boxes one by one, room by room.

5. A long duster – once you start lifting up those appliances one by one, you’ll be shocked at how much dust has accumulated under, inside and around them. And while there are sprays and other things that claim to zap the dust, some of those may not be friendly on certain surfaces like wood. So opt for a duster (made of natural materials if you can find one), and flex those (cleaning) muscles! The length and slim shape of this one is particularly nice because it could reach under things you normally wouldn’t be able to get to like the washer/dryer and oven.

– Esther Carlstone

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