If you are an avid reader of our site, you know that I love my hair and kinda obsess over it.  I think all of my answers have been solved and it is all because of a new product!  I was recently introduced to the new Bamboo Smooth product line from Alterna Haircare and my life has changed since.

This new line is totally Eco Friendly, made with Eco-Certified and Organic Bamboo Extract.  The combination of ingredients together give you a smooth, sleek and frizz free hair after just one use.  I’m sold!  What’s also totally great, is that your hair gets stronger and is nourished and gets restored back to its original healthy state.  After all of the processing and straightening us women do, we could all use this! 

The collection has 4 products in it, and they are an Anti Frizz Shampoo, Anti Frizz Conditioner, Kendi Pure Treatment Oil, & a Kendi Dry Oil Mist.

The products range from $20-24 and are available at Sephora.com, and other retailers near you. 

-Jessica Brown

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