You have seen them and you know you are curious, those strangely intriguing backwards robes dubbed as “The Snuggie.”  The Snuggie is really just a piece of fabric with arm holes but seriously it’s kind of awesome.  I have one, have gifted them, had buy another one because my dog stole my original and now am back to gifting them.  Let me tell you this, the laughter might start when they open the box but that all stops once they are swathed in the soft fabric.

The Snuggie has changed since it came on the market, when we first were introduced there were the blue and the red.  Boy, have the times changed.  Not only are there the original colors, but now you can get one in camouflage, peace signs, princess themes for kids and even a Snuggie for dogs!  Hey Spot, if I buy you one can I have mine back?

One of my personal favorites on the site is The Couples Snuggie.  I mean how cute would you and your other half be at the movies with a 3-sleeved blanket?  C-U-T-E!  Ok if that’s too much, check out the True Fun collection.  The Skull and Crossbones one is pretty cool.

Check out the entire collection at

-Jessica Brown

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