You have slaved over Thanksgiving dinner, stuffed yourself with pumpkin pie, and broke the wishbone. Yes, the time has finally arrived.  It is okay to start putting up your Christmas decorations!

Making your own Christmas decorations is one of the best ways to get in the holiday spirit, and save some extra money to fulfill everyone’s wish lists.  Here are a few ways to start spreading the holiday cheer.

Pinecone Table Topper

Buy a garland of greenery that is long enough to run down your entire table or fireplace mantel. Collect some pinecones outside, you could even make it a fun activity with your kids, or buy a few at a garden or craft store. Then just put them along the garland. If you want to make it even more festive, lace the garland with Christmas lights or buy fake snow paint to spray on the arrangement and give it a winter wonderland feel.


Candy Garlands

Liven your holiday spirit with this sweet and simple Christmas craft. You will need wrapped, striped, peppermint candies and red and/or green ribbon. Take two of the candies and using a ribbon, tie a twisted plastic end of one to an end of the other. Continue in this pattern until you’ve reached a desired length. Hang these garlands on your tree, over the mantel, outside, on a wreath, around your stair banner, or anywhere else you please!


-Emily Freeman

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