Most every one has been to a farmers market or two; visiting the farm is a whole different story.  In California alone there are plenty of family-run and sustainable farms that are open to the public, and they happen to provide some of the best and freshest product around.  So why not make a day-trip of it and go straight to the source?  There are some farms that even let you pick your own.

At Cal Poly Pomona they have a pretty well know Farm Store supplied with Kellogg Ranch produce.  Their School of Agriculture encourages students to “learn by doing,” and students learn everything about food production from beginning to end.  All of their hard work ends up for sale in The Farm Store.  Check them out HERE 10-6 daily. Right now they’re offering fresh carrots, cabbage, and beets for a dollar a bunch.

The Underwood Family Farm located in Moorpark offers exceptional produce—fresh fruits and vegetables that will make any mouth water.  An expert is always on hand to answer questions and it is a great, fun spot to take the whole family. Almost all picked items are priced by the pound. Plus, the best part—Pick Your Own is available on the weekends during the month of November – the weekend prior to Christmas. So round up the family and get there fast! For more information, click HERE.

The Murray Family Farm is another member of the pick-your-own-club.  Plus their farm home is situated right in the middle of our orchards where they live and raise their family, so they are available for questions year-round! They offer you dibs on the best fruit and vegetables, although U-Pick is seasonal and ask visitors to phone, 661-858-1100, for details.


-Arianna Schioldager

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