Sipping on something cold is part of summer, and as lovely as a McFlurry sounds, it doesn’t do your beach body any service.  Every now and again a little treat is fine, but check out some tasty and cold delights that will keep you on track.


Chameleon Cold-Brew Original Coffee.  A latte has just about 200 calories.  That’s a lot before you even eat.  Plus in the mug and sweat of most cities this summer, hot coffee drinks will have you dripping at first sip.  That’s why a little cold-brewed coffee is just what Mother Nature and your body ordered.  Cold brew coffee is a great alternative to sugary morning beverages, plus it is less acidic for your insides.


Iced Green Rooibos Tea.  Most everyone has heard from Red Rooibos, but unlike it differently hued brethren, green rooibos is not fermented.  It is lighter in flavor and higher in antioxidants.  Put the kettle on.  Put it over ice, and it’s perfect for a hot day.  It’s also caffeine free, so unlike sugary or caffeinated beverages, there’s no crash.  


Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar Drinks.  You won’t need to pinch your nose to make this go down the hatch.  Apple Cinnamon flavor is delicious and great for healthy digestion.   In 400 B.C. Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, used it for its amazing natural detox cleansing, healing, and energizing qualities. Hey, if it’s good enough for the Father of Medicine…

Pressed Juicery.  Oh yum.  They are the healthy 31 flavors.  Literally. They have 31 healthy juiced options, prime for any mood or day you feel like optimizing health. From detox to greens to roots (carrot, apple, ginger delish!), they have it.  And if you want something a little sweet without the guilt, the Almond Milk is an after dinner, or midday delight.

-Arianna Schioldager

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