You are never too young to start taking care of your face and it’s also never too late.  By adding a serum into your skin care regime you can control oil, heal acne, erase wrinkles and a variety of other things we all worry about.  So, what is a serum exactly?  It is a concentrated dose of complex ingredients designed to get into deeper tissues of the skin, deeper than your average moisturizer.  By getting more deeply into the tissue, you can heal those target areas with more success.  Serums also heal damages caused by our everyday environments and help defend against future damage. 

Caudalie Paris, established in 1993 is the first company to harvest and use the properties of the grape seed in the skin care fight.  Caudalie Paris currently offers three powerful serums, each targeted for a specific beauty concern.   

Caudalie Vinopure Balancing Concentrate:

This serum balances the skin’s natural surface oil, reducing breakouts. It also repairs current breakouts while restoring clarity.                                                  

Caudalie Energizing Concentrate:

Designed to provide anti-aging protection, nourishment and this serum instantly brightens even the dullest skin. 

Caudalie Vinosource Nourishing Concentrate:

Say goodbye to dry skin with this intensely hydrating treatment, while ridding your skin of redness and stiffness too.  Even the driest of skin becomes silky smooth.

Caudalie Paris line is free of artificial colors, parabens phenoxyethanol, mineral oils, is considered to be made of natural products and they also do not test on animals.  The serums are each $44.00 and are available at Nordstrom and as well as Sephora.  So put some pep into your skin this week!  The results are well worth it and you will notice a difference almost immediately.

-Jana Gersten

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