Growing up in the amazing eighties, I remember commercials for a product called Gak. I wanted that stuff so bad it was ridiculous, and not to mention sad. My parents never did cave and let me have any, so when a friend told me that you could make your own slime, I was on board.

I have in the past made my kids Oobleck, (equal parts cornstarch and water) so I was thrilled to hear that this was not the same thing, and was in fact, Gak like slime. The weirdest ingredient is liquid starch. It’s weird only in that you probably don’t already haven’t I your house right now. But it can be found at the grocery store in the laundry aisle. I used the Sta-Flo brand, in the blue bottle. I believe you can make your own liquid starch by mixing corn starch and water (two parts cornstarch, one part water), but I haven’t tried using homemade liquid starch in this slime recipe.

To make your slime you will need equal parts clear glue (Elmer’s worked great) and liquid starch. I used two cups each. Mix everything together in a large bowl. If you want you can separate into smaller bowls and mix with some food coloring for fun colored slime. And then the absolute best part, playing time! Slime is a great alternative to play dough, you can’t mold with it, but it’s amazing fun to squish it. I even know a few teenagers (and one 35 year old man) who enjoys playing with this stuff each and every time we make it.

-Stephanie Wright

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