Gripping title right?  I figured I had to match wits with my opponent….or subject, I guess would be a better word.  I’m talking about Your Baby Can Read, which I’m sure you noticed when surfing through the cable channels at odd hours.
In my never ending quest to review every one of those amusing, yet seemingly useless infomercial products I get to watch at 4:00 am with my 3 month old daughter ( remember the days of sleeping more than 2 hours a night?) , I have come across this gem….again, note the title, pretty big claim huh?
OK, so here’s the deal….obviously my 3 month was a bit young for this…..although, again…note the title?  She does fit the description.  That being said, my nephew was the perfect fit……8 months old, right in the wheelhouse.  So, we decided to give it a shot…my sister was not down with this, but after reading a bit more about it, she concluded that its no different then those other DVDs that the kids love….the ones with the creepy sock puppets and “Lucy in the sky with diamonds” themed animals (to be honest, some of those DVDs freak me out).
My sister took the DVDs home and started showing them to my dear Nephew…..they thought it was funny at first, but then he started saying little things…..which turned into actual words.  At 12 months he was actually talking.  OK, but there are many babies who start talking before that, so I guess that’s not really a success, or is it?
I’ll tell you this, when he began to speak it wasn’t “Dada” or “Momma”, he was saying clear concise words….which happened to be the words that were most focused on during the Your Baby Can Read DVDs.  He was singing Row Row Row Your Boat, and clearly saying Dog, Cat, Mouse, etc as they popped up on the TV.
I’m not saying this thing actually works…..who knows…but, I’ll give it a shot with my daughter in a few months, because aside from being entertaining for them, just watching the interaction between the children and the DVDs is enough for me to be interested.  My Nephew seemed much more advanced than the other children that age (I’m no expert, but just from watching)….maybe it’s a coincidence……who knows, but its certainly worth checking out.
Your Baby Can Read

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