snuggiesI’ve been seeing the commercials for years now (it feels like decades) and I still laugh when I see that fabulous woman with the perfect hair that doesn’t seem to move, all wrapped up in her polyester Snuggie (btw, who chooses those colors? Can I have that job?).

Anyway, I was bored, and curious so I picked up the phone to order (yea, I’m kind of a dork, this is how I spend my Saturday nights!). By the time I got off the phone I had two Snuggies on their way to my house…..oh, yea and something like a $30 shipping and handling fee……who knew an 8 oz piece of fabric needed such attention when being shipped?

Long story short, my Snuggies arrived 3 months later in what looked like a garbage bag……..ok, so here’s where the story changes…..It turns out that I haven’t taken the thing off in 6 months. I swear, it’s glued to me…I can’t sit on the couch without the feeling of this tablecloth like muumuu. I have the leopard print one too….yea, I can admit it…so what? Its not like I’m going grocery shopping in it. I’m behind closed doors.

Snuggies rule..….I even convinced my husband to try watching football while wearing one (that was more for the photo opp…shhh!)….although, I didn’t have to twist his arm considering he’s still wearing those tattered Buffalo Bills sweatpants he was wearing ten years ago. So, in that sense, the Snuggie has many uses.

Here you go…..I won’t tell anyone, I promise.


Sunggie for Dogs

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