Most of us have noticed that babies stop crying when we pick them up.  What if we could deliver that same type of comfort, even when not holding them ourselves?  Now we can.  4moms has developed a swing for infants that actually mimics the comforts parents give their little ones. Ordinary swings involve vibration or swing back and forth like a swing.  MamaRoo’s five patented movements bounce up and down and sway side to side. They were developed by studying the way parents pick up their children and soothe them.   

Babies love white noise, so 4moms built a white noise machine with five nature sounds into the swing.  If your baby loves their own tunes already, no problem, there is an MP3 connection built right in!  The seat is made of durable fabric, comes in six colors and is machine washable.  Caring for your mamaRoo is easy, just wipe it down.

In 2010 The National Parenting Center gave them their Seal of Approval and it was also honored with Creative Child Magazine Top Product of the Year in 2010.  That’s just the beginning, this product has won a slew of honors, all listed on the website.  

mamaRoo™ is available for $199.99.  Purchase and additional information about the product can be found at

~Jana Gersten

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