Ready for a quick and simple way to update your bathroom?  Keep the décor very clean and simple!  Bring an effortless, modern and clean look to your space by keeping the colors light and minimizing clutter.  By using lighter colors the room will look bigger and the clutter, well, if you haven’t used it in six months to a year, just get rid of it.  Trust me, you will be much happier without all the junk.

1. Try Bamboo for your accessories, like these from Crate and Barrel ($3.95 – $99.95):


2. Add fluffy bath towels.  White works really well for this look, or try a muted pattern.                 


3. Incorporate bath mats that match the towels.  Use similar shades and try not to use dark colors. Buy one that is machine washable.


4. For countertop and open shelving, glass canisters and crates make visually pleasing and very functional storage options.


5. Don’t forget to organize underneath the sink and inside your drawers.  Most of us lose half of our space because we don’t organize properly.  Try shelving units under sinks designed to give you an additional drawer and shelf.


Hopefully when it is done, you will have a clean and organized space that you won’t mind getting ready in!

~Jana Gersten

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