overallsJust like every year, this year’s Spring fashion trends leave us simultaneously oohing and scratching our heads. Here, we roundup some of the top trends and rate just how wearable they really are.

Overalls – Seriously? Who would’ve ever have thought these would come back? As much as the high fashion magazines try to convince us, we’re just not buying it. Unless you’re supermodel tall and skinny, overalls will inevitably leave you looking like a shapeless farmer. Come to think of it, we don’t think even Gisele Bundchen could pull this one off. This is one fashion trend that should have stayed in the 90s where it belongs.

Stripes – Now this is a trend we can get behind. Something about stripes, horizontal or vertical, just scream spring. And while many may have been scared off by What Not To Wear‘s Stacy and Clinton’s no horizontal stripes rule, we disagree.

Peekaboo fashion – You’ve seen these all over the celebs. Dresses, shirts, and skirts with provocative cutouts, sometimes covered by a sheer panel of fabric. And yes, it may look sexy and awesome on the red carpet, but when would you wear such a thing in real life without drawing unwanted attention? Perhaps for the occasional girls’ night out or Vegas trip, but other than that, this trend is a toss up. It really depends on exactly where the cutout is.

Leather – Leather is hot, hot, hot right now…which begs another question – is it really too hot to wear? It looks amazing as skirts, dresses and tops, but the practicality of non-breathable leather in the springtime has us confused. But I suppose we all must suffer for fashion, right, Kim Kardashian? (Seriously, that woman must own leather everything.)

Black & white – There’s nothing quite as classic as a black and white outfit, and this Spring trend is totally wearable for the everyday. Just look for simple pieces and mix and match. Go high contrast with bold black and white pieces like the super-trendy checkerboard print, or keep the contrast simple with a black and white striped top. This is one trend we can definitely get behind.

Ruffles  – Ruffles walk a thin line between fashionable and Little House on the Prairie. A little ruffle at the hem is feminine and flirty. A giant ruffle is one step into Laura Ingalls-hoedown territory, or, depending on where it’s placed, flamenco dancer-esque.

Global prints – They’re fun, they’re colorful, and they’re completely wearable – what’s not to love? Mix up a global print top with simple jeans or an on-trend leather skirt. Solange Knowles is a huge fan of this trend, so check out her styles for inspiration.

– Esther Carlstone


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