While it’s been cold and very winter-like in L.A. lately, I have buried myself in the latest fashion magazines in the hopes of transporting myself to spring through the glossy pages.  One of the trends that has popped out at me everywhere, is the revival of the Espadrille shoe.  I couldn’t be happier, because I love a good Espadrille!  This takes me back to high school when I had the greatest pair that funny enough my mom still has (sometimes she is right to not throw stuff away-SOMETIMES).  They had a great high wedge with red cherries on the toe strap (sounds atrocious but oh so cute in the late 90’s).  Take a peek at some of my favorites for the season.

 1. Ralph Lauren Collection “Firana” Espadrilles PRICE: $350.00

2. Dolce Vita “Jollen” Espadrilles PRICE: $130.00

3. Jimmy Choo Polar Snake-Print Leather Espadrilles Price: $395.00

4. Kors Michael Kors Upland Price: 185.00

5. Tory Burch “A-Line” Logo Flat Espadrilles PRICE: $95.00

6. Steve Madden Fraid Price: $80.00

-Jessica Brown

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