Depending on where you live the winter can suck. The snow has been falling for 18 hours…’s been raining for 3 days straight…..basically you have been stuck inside for what feels like an eternity. What can you do to a.) Keep yourself from going completely insane from the cabin fever and b.) Make you feel like a person again? Here are 8 great ideas to prettify you during those tough winter days.

1. Don’t skimp on deodorant.
It might seem silly, but it’s part of your daily routine, so don’t forget to put it on even if you are stuck inside. The UPS man will thank you for being fresh and clean.

2. Get dressed.
I work at home so even on days when it’s sunny and bright I have to remind myself to do this. Staying in PJ’s is so tempting but it’s not really a good idea. It makes you lack motivation. You can put on a pair of yoga pants and a tee shirt, just make sure you swap out those flannels during the day.

3. Do (and do and do) your hair.
I’m not saying you have to create the next hair trend or a ridiculous up do, but at least wash it and run a brush through it. If you are feeling crafty and looking for a project, play with a curling iron or flat iron to perfect your hair for the next break in the weather. Try my flatiron tip (as seen HERE)

4. Treat yourself to something smelly and lovely.
Take this quiet time to test out those new bath salts or body scrub. While you are stuck inside might as well make yourself feel and smell good! Try Fresh Brown Sugar Body Scrub, love it!

5. Try a treatment.
This is the best time to pay attention to those things you can’t do during a normal day. Deep condition your hair! Do a home wax kit (as seen HERE)!

6. Take a bath.
And just relax with some yummy smelling candles from Voluspa.

7. Give yourself a mani (and try a new color!).
You know I love my nails. I have a weekly appointment at the nail salon and I go rain or shine. If you can’t make it, you can do it at home just as well (check out the step by step HERE). Another way to spice up the dreariness is to try a wild nail polish. Did you see that Katy Perry and OPI collaborated on a rad collection?

8. Make your bed.
It will give you peace of mind and make sure you don’t crawl back in bed to watch reruns of 90210 all day….oh is that just me?

-Jessica Brown

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