irishcoffeeWhether you’re the type who reaches for an Irish Coffee, or you prefer something a little less strong, these two recipes from Master Barista Giorgio Milos will help you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in festive style!

Traditional Irish Coffee

Illy created this recipe 14 years ago in Italy and it has been a festive favorite served in many of their cafes. Irish coffee is made using illy espresso lightly sweetened with raw sugar, gently stirred into warm Irish whiskey, finished with lightly whipped cream and a dash of cocoa powder.


2 oz illy espresso

1 1/2 oz Irish whiskey

2 tsp granulated sugar

2 oz heavy cream

To garnish: coffee beans, cocoa beans & cocoa powder


1. In a small steaming pitcher, add 1 1/2 oz Irish whiskey.

2. Add 2 tsp granulated sugar.

3. Heat the liqueur and sugar for a few seconds using the steam wand on the espresso machine. Pour into serving glass.

4. Prepare 2 oz espresso and add to serving glass. Gently stir.

5. In a small bowl or mixing cup add 2 oz heavy cream. Lightly whip so that it is still a liquid.

6. Starting at the edge of the glass slowly pour/float 2oz heavy cream on top of the coffee.

7. Garnish with two coffee beans and a dusting of cocoa powder.

Lavender Mint Latte

For a minty and non-alcoholic treat, try your hand at a Lavender Mint Latte with warm, frothy milk and hints of lavender and mint.


2 oz illy espresso

5 oz fresh, cold whole milk

3/4 oz lavender syrup

2/3 oz peppermint syrup

For garnish: mint leaves


1. Prepare 2 oz espresso in 3 oz pour pitcher.

2. Pour into serving glass.

3. Add 5 oz of cold whole mild, 3/4 oz of lavender syrup, and 2/3 oz peppermint syrup into a steaming pitcher.

4. Steam and froth to preference.

5. Garnish with mint leaf

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