We go through a lot of paper over the holidays. From wrapping paper to ribbons and raffia, but more than anything, we run like holiday wildfire through cards. We are card obsessed. We use them for party invites and wishing holiday well being to loved ones. We make them from scratch or send them out en masse.

Either way you choose there are plenty of DIY and pre-made options.

For the crafters.  Visit your local art supply store and pick out a bevy of supplies. First, pick out a thick stock paper in holiday greens, whites, and reds (or really any color that you choose) for your base. Choose your adornments, whether they be glitter, ribbons, or basic shapes (like a cardstock square and ribbon) to create a gift that adorns the front of your card. You’ll need something like a Zip Dry Glue, which is fast drying, clear glue for paper arts. And if you’ve ever had any aspirations of working for Hallmark, the best part of homemade cards—the greeting is all your own.  Check out scrapbooks etc for 31 quick ideas to get you started.

If premade is more your style, Sugar Paper has lots of classic, beautiful and simple cards for any amount of holiday cheer, and every Sugar Paper order is printed by a skilled pressman on antique presses, with the end product meticulously reviewed by our design team to ensure for the utmost perfection.

And if you want to do you part this ho-ho-holiday season, to help out mother nature, e-cards are an e-vironmentally friendly and equally fun and special way to let your loved ones know you will them a happy and joyous holiday season. Sometimes they even have dancing pandas, and no matter how crafty you are, no homemade or store bought card can do that.

-Arianna Schioldager

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