It’s the time of the year when family, friends and co-workers start hosting the now annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.  You go digging through a Goodwill or your Aunt Judy’s—the one who has a different sweater every year—closet, to find the delightfully tacky and Santa Claus adorned sweater.  But this holiday season, designers and labels are making it possible to wear some very merry but stylish cheer. Why go tacky, when you get go classy mixed with a little bit of kitsch? Isn’t that what the holidays are about…especially if you can bring a smile to someone’s face with some seasonal garb?

Why wait for Santa when you can bring the reindeer to the party yourself?  Not sold on Dasher? Throw a mythical jackalope into the mix, because why not?

Do tartan ribbons belong under the tree, or on this pair of cream-of-the-cropped capri’s perfect for spreading holiday cheer with every step you take.

Forget the partridge, you can be in the pear tree in Lula’s Pear Dress. Grown up with just the right amount of holiday childhood wonder.

Fair Isle and Jacquard-knits are two prints that never goes out of style (though they certainly belong in the winter season.  So the leggings that you snuggle up in by the fire this year or the sweater you button up at the ski lounge, will be in fair fashion next year as well.

You could blame your style on the weather, but no one will want you too, when your hands are mitten-ed in jingle bells.

And because you’re really never too old for pajamas get into the spirit with a onesie, a knitted short, or an over-sized sleeping tee featuring holiday adorned Bert and Ernie. Make your sleepwear just as spirited as your daywear. You’ll look so cute, someone is bound the surprise you with mistletoe.

-Arianna Schioldager

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