The first month of 2013 is officially over. That’s right it’s already February, which means it’s already time to re-evaluate those grand resolutions you made thirty days ago.

Have you succeeded? Have even you started, given up, or just played teeter-totter with your goals? It’s hard to stay on track, but we’ve got a great quick pick this morning to get you back to charging speed.

Nike just released the Nike Studio Wrap Pack, a shoe designed to give you the ultimate support during workouts typically done in barefoot. That means yoga, barre, dance, Pilates, you name it. According to Nike the shoe, “made up of a wrap, ribbon, and a flat,” is a “three-part footwear system combines a barefoot feel with protection, traction, support and style.”

You might be thinking, if I could do the exercise barefoot, why bother? We wind up buying no slip-mats, yoga grip socks, Pilates-grip socks, and dance shoes. We rarely wind up completely barefoot. But these products have no cross-over value. What are you going to do with a no-slip mat in a barre class? If you’re the kind of girl who likes to test multiple workouts, but groans at the thought of all varying purchases that must be made before you can even start class, then this little pick is a nifty must. Oh, and did we mention they’re washable?

–Arianna Schioldager


Photo: Courtesy of Nike

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