It’s the color your cheeks turn when you’re just a smidgen embarrassed. Not quite a full crimson, and not quite your standard hue. It’s subtle, feminine, and it’s all the blushing fashion rage.

It’s a color you can wear on your sleeve. A color you can wear during the winter-spring transition (and for upcoming Valentine’s Day, if you’re into color coordinating wardrobe to Hallmark holiday).

A sweet pastel floral jean is the ultimate ladylike bottom, but if you’re not the daintiest petal (you’re more into grungy tee’s) feel more than free to rough and tumble it with a chic leather jacket. Just because you go blush, doesn’t mean it has to be girly.

Add the slightest hint of blush with a delicate powder pink scarf.

If you want to go totally girly for a night on the town, pair this pretty blush sequined peplum top with a pair of ultra skinny (navy blue would be nice) pants and a sky-high heel.

Finished in hues of gold, blush, and light pink, the ornate bangles in this set of thirteen from Treasured Moment are a stylish and simple addition to any outfit. Wear them day or night, to the office or on a date.

If you want just a bit of color, trust NARS, the ultimate authority on cheeky color, and brush on Blush, Gaiety for a natural looking hue.

And because we can’t pretend that Valentine’s Day is not around the corner, a light pink Fleur of England suspender belt (that you can obviously wear year round) just might make someone else blush.

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