ws-updo-articleIf it is half as hot where you live as it is where I am, then these hairstyles are just what you need. Beat the heat by wearing your hair in other flattering ways– no hairdryer required!
Loose Ponytail- Nothing says summer more than a ponytail. Make this work for you at any point in your week- nightlife, work, etc. Spray your hair with texturizing spray before pulling it back at ear-level. Tease a little of the top back part of your hair and free the front strands that frame your face.
Bun- Wearing your hair up will you help you beat the heat and frizz. Pull your hair into a high ponytail first. Then twist your hair tightly and wrap it around into a bun. Pin as you go along, but don’t keep it too neat so it looks casual and not like you’re ready to make your ballet debut.
Side braid- Pull your hair to one side and braid loosely. Secure with a hair elastic.
Braided Ponytail- This classic twist on a ponytail will keep your hair out of your face no matter the climate or where you go (beach, pool, etc.) Part your hair on a side and french braid the front part of the larger side starting at the part and ending by the ear. Place pins in the braid to hold it. Brush the rest of your hair up into a ponytail then add in the braid. Voila, something that will endure your pool day!

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