icedSummer is approaching, and nothing is more refreshing on a hot day than a glass of iced tea. The polyphenols in tea may lower your risk for cancer, so use this as an excuse to down a tasty peach treat.


  •         1 oz tea leaves (Earl Grey or Darjeeling, about 1/3 cup loose tea or 7 bags)
  •         1 sliced lemon
  •         1 piece ginger (about 2 inches), peeled and smashed
  •         1 quart water
  •         8 cups ice cubes
  •         2 peaches
  •         1/2 cup sugar
  •         8 sprigs mint
  •         1 sliced peach

Boil one quart of water, then add tea, lemon, and ginger to it and steep for 7.5 minutes. Then peel, dice, and place the sugar and peaches into a blender until smooth. Add this to the tea mixture and serve it over ice. Garnish with mint springs and slices of peaches.

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