If you’re like me, you’ll have a whole house filled with people to feed come Super Bowl Sunday……my husband always loves to throw a big Super Bowl party, but then guess who gets to do the cooking?  LOL….that’s ok, I enjoy feeding people, and well, the Super Bowl has turned into more of an event these days then a sporting event, so we just turn it into a big old party for everyone. 

I like to change it up ever year…we generally have the same people coming year after year, and it’s nice to have new choices each year to share with our friends.  I was perusing the Food Network site and decided to test their Super Bowl recipes.   What I love about these ideas is that they are not your standard fare…why serve the same buffalo wings, and chicken fingers, ect when you can spice things up and add some ethnic flavors. 

buf wingsI especially liked their Empanada idea…these are great.  Meat, dough, veggies, and sauce….how can you go wrong?  I wasn’t really a fan of the Caribbean chicken wings…..just not loving the jerk spice.    But, do check out the Shrimp-Jalapeno Poppers…..much easier to make then you would think…in fact, i just use precooked shrimp you can pick up in the frozen foods section of most grocery stores….or, if you like, get the good fresh cooked stuff at whole foods in the Seafood section.   They have a smoking good Six Layer Dip in here as well, although…too many beans for my liking…..but, you should customize to your audience as much as possible. 

Get those ovens started…it’s almost game time.   FoodTV.com Super Bowl Snacks

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