So it’s cold season…and yet again I have found myself with ANOTHER cold??? Ugh! It seems like no matter how many times I wash or sanitize my hands, or how many sick people and public places I avoid, I STILL get a cold every winter. So this year I decided to try as many “cold curing” remedies possible to figure out what works best and the results are in, Zicam Cold Remedy Gel Swabs win hands down!

First off, I should tell you the bad news, there are definitely no products currently available that completely get rid of a cold but Zicam definitely cuts the length AND severity of colds…SERIOUSLY! While there are about 25 plus types of Zicam Cold Remedy products available, my favorite and the one that seems to work the best are the Gel Swabs.

zicamGel Swabs are a q-tip like gizmo you rub in a circle inside each nostril. Not attractive I know but who cares?! After only two days of using the product, as directed, my cold was almost completely gone! One box is MORE than enough for even the toughest cold and retails for about $12 in most cities across the nation! Way less than the cost of most prescription medicines AND you don’t need a prescription to get it!

The best part is that the product doesn’t have any “traditional” cold medicine side effects. It doesn’t make you feel drowsy, or jittery, or give you “medicine head,” actually I don’t experience ANY side affects at all. I know I am not a doctor but based on my experience of having 500 plus colds PLUS trying more than 100 over-the-counter cold remedies, Zicam Cold Remedy beats any other product hands down!


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