Little boys are awesome. Not much compares to their energy and imagination. It is completely singular. Don’t misunderstand, I love my daughter and think that she is beyond amazing. However, I prefer super heroes over princesses. (On a side note, my daughter has been getting a real kick out of superheroes lately too!)

I am so excited that my kids are finally getting into the super hero fad. I remember growing up and playing with my brothers. Some of these characters are as beloved to me as the average teenaged boy! This is why I was so keen on helping my son begin his hero journey. Every hero needs a cape (unless you watch the Incredibles and remember why capes are bad)! But for dressing up, and non flying heros I imagine capes are still okay.

I have seen lots of tutorials on how to make a cape. My mom even gave me some pointers. They all had one thing in common though, they all choked my kids. I think I have finally gotten around this major flaw though.  For our cape making, I have two techniques. The first one requires cutting out the shape of your cape, hemming it (I use hemming tape. Easy!) and then attaching the cape to a plain t-shirt. I usually just hand stitch (but you can certainly use your machine, or Liquid Stitch, or whatever other means) the cape right across the shoulder area. This way is fun because the shirt and attached cape become a whole costume. You can use a t shirt that you buy with your kids favorite heros logo on the front for a cool finished product.

If that is too much sewing for you, I totally get it. You should use this next method. I use my husband’s old t-shirts for this, but you can also go to goodwill for some good colored shirts, or even just buy some new. All you do is cut off the sleeves and the front of the shirt. This leaves you with the back and neck. Its a quick and dirty method, but it works. Epescially if you have a rough hero who goes through a lot of capes.


-Stephanie Wright

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