Most of us don’t like being naked. Just the thought of it makes us want to pull the covers over our eyes.  But you can’t out run or out hide Mother Nature. She’s an equal opportunity offender and as luck would have it, she comes after us all. But there are many ways to trick her.

The adage about taking the stairs instead of the elevator to life relates to your backside. It’s one of those things, we can be told time and again– take the stairs. And yet we hardly listen, even though it’s a no hassle, heart healthy, all around way to out-maneuver that stubborn backside area.

In Santa Monica, on 4th and Adelaide Drive, athletic mavens run the 189 concrete stairs with religious type fervor.  Stairs work the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings and calf muscles.  Running the stairs just twice times is said to burn ample calories and incorporates a wider range of motion than a treadmill. Plus, it’s outdoor and requires no electricity.  But you don’t need to take a drive to climb.  There are stairs everywhere.

Try switching up your routine for two weeks. You will notice a difference. That droopy area beneath your butt and the problematic saddlebag area will begin to take a new form.

If you’re adventurous and don’t mind working up a little sweat (or perhaps looking a little silly if anyone happens to saunter up the stairs behind you) try adding a slight leg lift.  It will raise your glutes and stimulate those hard to target problem areas.  It’s the spot that all women, regardless of size, have to worry about.

Combine that with your regular exercise regime, healthy eating, and you’ll be naked dancing in front of the mirror in no time.

-Arianna Schioldager

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