There aren’t many things we write by hand nowadays.  We’ve replaced pen and paper with keyboards.  Even grocery lists seem to be compiled and filed on smart phones.  We send off emails with fast clicks of a button and most of the time, we don’t spend too much time actually thinking about what we’re writing.  But sometimes, a little thought, time, and effort can go a long way. 

For instance it’s still common courtesy to send a follow up thank you after meeting with a potential employer, but sometimes it’s nice to do something without expecting something—like a job—in return. 

There was a time when people used to write Thank You Notes for just about everything.  They’d spend the time handwriting their appreciation for a specific function—a dinner party perhaps, and drop the note in the mail.  These days, it’s more common to receive a “thank you” text.  But why not go to extra mile to truly show your recognition? If someone has taken the energy to host an event, you should be able to plunk yourself down and handwrite some kind words.  Or that gift your grandparents sent you for the Holidays…they should get a thank you as well.

It’s a practice that genuinely surprises people, and that extra bit of loving care goes a long way.

And it’s so simple.  There are a few tips to ensure a good Thank You.  Like most things, the tricks are in the details.  But be sure to be genuine.  It’s nice to mention a specific moment that occurred, or one way you plan on using your gift.  Stay away from the generic.  Make the note personal to your friendship or relationship. 

Keep a stash of nice paper and stamps, and you will never have an excuse not to. 

-Arianna Schioldager

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