For the month of November, most people are talking about all the things they are thankful for. Believe me, I am all for this behavior. The word thanksgiving means to actively give thanks. So it makes sense to come up with all the things you are in fact thankful for! Personally I would love for my kids to learn to take this a step further and think of ways they could be giving as well. We want to do our best to give someone else something to be thankful for. So for our thanksgiving feast our conversation starters will be what we are thankful for, and in what ways we can give. Then in the month of December, we will do our best to do the things we came up with in our giving list. My kids are still quite young, so I’m not expecting them to want to do anything huge. I figure it will be a good way to start. If they need, I will guide them, but honestly I am hoping to get them there on their own. Here is what I hope they come up with:

Sharing their toys with their siblings.
Donating unused toys. (That they choose.)
Donating old clothes (that they pick themselves)
Making someone cookies for no reason.
Giving hugs for no reason
Letting little brother choose the tv show
Letting big sister choose the game

As you can see, these are not monumental feats, but they are small acts of giving to others. Exactly what I want them to take home. As for you, what a you thankful for, and how are you giving this season?

-Stephanie Wright

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