Some people say that the 90’s were just a hangover from the 80’s. Not so. The whole tech wave of Email and cell phones happened. Nirvana happened. Clueless happened. The term supermodel–hello Cindy Crawford and Kate Moss–became part of the cultural lexicon. Not only that, there was a whole wave of fashion that exploded out of this era: slip dresses, baby doll dresses, scrunchy bobby socks, printed jean shorts, daisy printed anything, ditzy florals, velvet minis, and matching plaid top and bottoms to name just a few. Well, as expected, everything old is new again. It’s just the way the world works. So, bust our your inner 90’s Supermodel Glamazon style or your inner-overall diva and strut.

The Slip Dress

Kate Moss wasn’t the first to do it (the slip dress was actually featured in Vogue in 1969), but she certainly was one of the slip-dresses original rabble-rousers. Channel your Ms. Moss and slide into something incredibly comfortable with an updated length.

The best way to wear a slip dress is to keep it simple and let it show off your shape. Or, if desired, butch it up a bit with a leather moto-jacket and some boots.

After all, it was Badgley Mischka who said the slip dress would live forever.

The Body-Con Dress

There’s something about Bodycon and Gingham with a snap bustier closure to boot, that just screams child of the 90’s, with a modern twist.

Or lean on the fashion wisdom of the peerless Cindy Crawford and go for basic bodycon black and white stripe.

Your Inner Child

From baby doll dreaming to daisy print lovin’ to combining the two to throwing in plaid to channel Reality Bites. These looks are great for the weekend when you want to wear something loose, comfortable, and no fuss.

-Arianna Schioldager

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