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Whether you’re an expectant mom preparing to welcome your first child or a veteran with three kids already out of diapers, chances are you’re going to have questions about something. Your five-year-old’s pesky cough that won’t go away, exactly how much the high-fructose corn syrup in your teen’s favorite soft drink is affecting his health, interesting fall arts-and-crafts ideas that don’t involve cultural appropriation… the list is endless. But venturing into the Internet to find advice and information can end up with you on WebMD, freaking out because you’re convinced your kid has early-onset chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. If you’re lucky, you might stumble upon a mommy blog, where moms and dads who have grappled with the same experiences that you have share how they dealt and continue to deal with the situations. Weekly Sauce has rounded up the best mommy blogs and resources to help you figure out the ins and outs of parenthood.

For Expectant Moms

Even if you have a support system of healthcare professionals, friends and relatives who have already had children of their own, and your partner, being pregnant for the first time (or any time, actually) can be really scary. Having a little online support can only help.

New Moms Need

A project of the March of Dimes, New Moms Need provides information on pregnancy covering everything from health to baby care. It’s a valuable resource from a trusted organization, and it’s updated almost every day with a new tip.


A blog that combines information about pregnancy and parenthood with the latest maternity fashion and pregnant celebrity coverage. For the mother-to-be who wants to keep up with the Kardashians while she’s working on starting her own family.

Giving Birth With Confidence

This blog, published by Lamaze International, is one of the best places to go for basic information on pregnancy and the changes that happen to your body when you become pregnant. It’s updated consistently with information by doulas, midwives, and other healthcare professionals.

For New Moms

New moms have it rough. Late nights out with friends turn into late nights in with baby in a blink of an eye. Finding the right answers to your questions will make this transition period in your life easier.

Rookie Moms™

Run by two good friends, this blog breaks down the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of being a new mom. They break up baby’s first year into four, three-month periods, so you’ll be able to find the information you need easily. They also offer advice and information on toddlerhood and preschool days.

Early Mama

So maybe you’re a new mom, and maybe you had your baby way earlier than you — or anyone else – expected. You don’t want to be taking tips from Teen Mom on MTV, do you? Early Mama features information and advice for the younger moms out there.

For Veteran Moms

You’re not a newbie, and you’ve successfully managed to raise your children and not have them die on you (or kill them yourself). You’re a vet; go on and pat yourself on the back, you deserve it. But since motherhood never really ends, you’re bound to need some help at some point, too.

Scary Mommy

Not only does Scary Mommy offer information about pregnancy and the early years of your little tykes, it also offers advice and content for when your kids are adolescents, teens, and even college-aged. Scary Mommy also makes sure to focus on the moms, too, covering such topics as body image, how to maintain friendship, sex, and working. You can’t be perfect 100 percent of the time, and Scary Mommy is there to pat your hand and tell you “Hey, we know how it is.”

Making Time For Mommy

Making Time For Mommy is a blog that every mom should read, simply because it reminds you to consider yourself every once in a while. With information on fashion, crafts, and travel, this blog helps you take care of yourself so you can take care of your family better.


An online community for moms to find information on many common parenting topics, CafeMom® also lets mom start and join conversations. It’s a great resource that puts you directly into contact with the sources of information that you desperately need.

Other Resources

Top Mommy Blogs

There’s no better resource on the web if you want to find mommy blogs. Curated and edited by a real, live person, Top Mommy Blogs is central place to find primarily active blogs. This is a godsend, because one of the worst things in the world is to fall in love with a blog, only for it to stop being updated. It’s also a community, where users can vote on their favorite blogs and share their experiences with other users as well. Top Mommy Blogs has compiled info on blogs on virtually every topic under the sun, from raising kids with special needs to home schooling to eco-friendly living to shopping and couponing. It’s sure to have exactly what you need,  so check it out!

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