Young pregnant woman sleeping on the sofa.Sleeping during pregnancy can be rough. From back pains to constantly having to get up to use the restroom, to a burgeoning belly, mamas-to-be often need a little extra support in finding that perfectly comfortable position for a good night’s rest. And here enters the pregnancy pillow. The one thing they all have in common? They’re huge – i.e. be prepared to have a third person in the bed with you. But they’re also lifesavers for many pregnant women.

Boppy Prenatal Total Body Pillow – The makers of the breastfeeding pillow used all over, also have a pregnancy pillow. It has a contoured design that makes side sleeping easier than ever and a removable pima cotton cover. And while it’s still big for a pillow, users claim it’s still less bulky than many of the alternatives out there.

Snoogle Total Body Pillow – This pillow is meant to support your lower back and tucks between your knees to help with back pain, and supports your tummy. Users rave that it’s especially helpful if you were not a side-sleeper (the recommended sleeping position for pregnant women) before pregnancy.

Bump Nest Body Pillow – For those ladies with a more modern sensibility, Bump Nest pillows come in a variety of chic and modern fabrics and has an easy-to-remove cover. It’s also filled with microbeads so that the pillow conforms to the users body instead of just squashing down over time.

Today’s Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow – Just be warned – this pillow is HUGE. The reason so many mamas-to-be rave about its comfort is that it literally surrounds you in a sea of cushion. And thanks to all the extra material, it runs at about the same price as the Bump Nest pillow above, $89.

Lots of pillows – If you don’t want to shell out the bucks for a pregnancy pillow (or have to deal with storing it afterwards), you can simply sleep with tons of pillows – a couple behind your back, one between your legs, one under your head, and some to support your belly. But the hassle of maintaining all these pillows in their perfect place throughout the night may make splurging on a pregnancy pillow worth it in the end.

Sweet dreams!


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