So you made the big purchase, and you’re one of the lucky few (hundred-thousand) who will be attending Coachella 2012.

This year the festivities are spread across two weekends, but no matter which dates you chose, you better be prepared.  That way, when you arrive, you can abandon all semblance of rule and throw caution to the wind.

Here’s the most important rule: Make sure you follow allll wristband protocol. The security doesn’t care how far you came from.  If you attach it wrong, if you register it more than once, you will not be admitted. Things have gotten serious.  Commit this page to memory; it’s tantamount to enjoying yourself.

Lodging. Perhaps your grandparents own a time share nearby (helllo golf communities!), which might be good right about now, because pretty much all local hotels are SOLD OUT.

However, the lodging of the people, and far and away the most popular way to experience Coachella is to camp on the polo grounds. You’re close to the action and you don’t have to worry about taxis or long lines of traffic.  If you waited till the last minute, there is one option left at Lake Eldorado. It comes with a fairly hefty price tag, but you can’t attach dollars to convenience.

Speaking of, if you’re staying at a local hotel, purchasing a shuttle pass is the best option.

Plus if you shuttle, you can spend as much time in the Beer Garden as you like, no repercussions.

Please bring comfortable shoes.  Coachella is the deserts version of fashion week, but you’re going to be standing, walking, dancing, jumping, walking, running to catch that must performance all the way in the Sahara tent, so treat your feet right.  They will thank you Monday am.

And please, as always, stay hydrated.


-Arianna Schioldager

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