Easter is always a fun holiday, filled with Easter egg hunts, candy, family, and of course food.  If you are hosting an Easter celebration, or even attending one, here are some adorable ideas to decorate that dining table.  My first and personal favorite- found on Martha’s website- is the Wheat Grass Table Runner.  Here is how you can do it and it is as easy as 1,2,3!

Tools and Materials:
Wheat grass block
Clear Mylar
River stones
Aqua picks
Flowers (crocus, muscari, scilla)
Chocolate bunnies
Colored eggs

Wheat Grass Centerpiece How-To:
1. Take a large block of wheat grass.

2. Place clear Mylar underneath.

3. Attach ribbon around the edge with pins.

4. Add river stones around the edge.

5. Arrange cut flowers in aqua picks around the table runner.

6. Add chocolate bunnies and colored eggs to desired effect

For some other fun ideas, check out the Easter section on Martha Stewart’s website.

-Jessica Brown

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