ws-article-freelancewhalesI got introduced to the band The Freelance Whales by my coworker Matt (who has really great music taste). Their song “Hannah” got me hooked, and now I enjoy the whole album all the time. The Freelance Whales came together in Queens, NY, and played on subway platforms before self-releasing their EP Weathervanes. Their full-length album came out earlier this year and livened comparisons to The Postal Service mixed with Noah the Whale. They are on the label Frenchkiss, which is the same one as Passion Pit, The Dodos, and Local Natives. While the lyrics aren’t as melodic as Ben Gibbard, they are catchy and Judah’s voice is compared to him. The members all play a number of instruments, and their sound combines for something totally unique. Judah Dadone, Doris Cellar, Chuck Criss, Jacob Hyman, and Kevin Read boast knowing 10 different instruments aside from their voices. Those instruments are banjo, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, the synthesizer, bass, harmonium, glockenspiel, drums, percussion, and mandolin. They all come together here to make music that I thoroughly enjoy with lyrics like this:
“Every now and again she offers me a lemon Now & Later/ Please don’t play the matchmaker/ Please don’t be a player hater/ If you dig her recent work/ You should go congratulate her.”
Listen. Buy.

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