Ok, there are less than 2 weeks before the holidays and you are totally stressing out on what to get the man in your life.  He already has an iPad, he doesn’t need ANOTHER watch, you certainly won’t be buying him underwear or a tie, and so what does that leave you with?  I have the solution, and it’s awesome.  Check out the amazing shirts at Jeremy Argyle

Jeremy Argyle nyc focuses on one thing only and that’s the perfectly tailored men’s button up shirt.  Opened in May 2009 in NY’s Soho, owner Brian Jeremy Guttman wanted to make sure that the product was perfect and top of the line.  The shirts have the perfect fit, the perfect length and work tucked or untucked.  With subtle details, these shirts are sure to set your man apart from the rest. 

The shirts retail for $142 and have signature details like angled cuffs, contrasting fabric on the sleeve placket and colored buttonholes.  The shirts come in a variety of plaids, stripes, checks and solids with a new addition weekly. 

Start your guy off with a shirt for his collection this holiday season and watch him add to it over the months and years!

Available at 160 Spring St at W Broadway (646-781-9050 & jeremyargyle.com)

-Jessica Brown

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