Now that its officially winter, and we have had our first real snow of the season (at least here in our chunk of the world).  I am faced with ways to keep the kids busy, engaged, and warm.  I’m not one to do much traveling when it’s cold, I hate to drive with a coat on, and frankly it is far too cold to drive without it.  So we stay close to home.  Often we have other neighborhood kids over to play for casual play dates. However, there are still the odd days when we don’t have anything planned, it is too cold to play in the snow, or the kids are just plain over making snow angels.  Here are some ideas of things you can do inside when all else fails. 

Ladybug is a girl through and through, she loves anything sparkly, pink, and purple.  Her favorite thing to do is dance.  She likes to turn the music up loud and invent dance moves to her favorite songs.  I love that she even names the moves. 

A few years back we picked up a hopscotch carpet.  This thing is fantastic!   We all practice our counting, and jumping, and laughing, and making fun of mommy because she is utterly without coordination. 

Another safe bet is a thrilling game of Hide And Seek.  In our house, this game will last for hours.  Even when we have older kids older to play.  It’s a classic, and for good reason.

Speaking of classics, try building a fort!  Old sheets, blankets, and pillows make great walls and my kids think this is the greatest thing since chocolate chip cookies.  Always a winner here. 

Last but not least, try a scavenger hunt.  Preschoolers can practice recognizing letters and colors, big kids practice reading.  Win win!

-Stephanie Wright

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