Organic green kaleAhhh yes, kale. You’ve heard it dubbed a superfood and a must add to any meal you’re consuming for the day. It’s the leafy green plant of the gods, and if you aren’t eating it yet, go ahead and place a head or two in your shopping cart the next time you run to the grocer.

Unfortunately for a lot of us (hand raised) it has not been an easy veggie to get used to. Sure, some people have enjoyed it from the jump, but for many of us finding a way to make the often times bitter green something tasty and delicious has been a bit of a challenge.

Well search no further wonderful friend, today we will give you links to some of our favorite recipes that yes, we’ve tried, and yes, we’ve enjoyed, including one easy recipe we came up with randomly one day while doing a “clean out your fridge and make it work” meal.

Let’s start with my recipe. Take a bunch of kale, throw it into a pan with some olive oil and cook it up. In that same pan, add some bacon, and fry that up. Continue cooking the kale in all that bacon grease and then top it off with some Feta cheese. Hey, I never claimed it would be the healthiest kale recipe but it sure is tasty!

If you’re looking for recipes that are actually healthy, and don’t involve bacon grease check these out:

Massaged Kale Recipe

Kale Salad with Butternut Squash and Almonds

Kale and Quinoa 

Kale with Apple, Cranberry and Pecan

However you choose to add kale into your diet, it’s a good thing. Rich in calcium, vitamin C, beta carotene and more, this dark leafy green will make you feel fantastic and your body will thank you for it.

Happy eating!

-Sasha Huff

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