Variety of Draught Beers in Pint Glasses

The craft beer scene in America has shown wildly large growth over the past several years. While the consumption of beer, cider and flavored malt beverages has been a staple in US history, it seems that craft beer drinkers have become increasingly more vocal about their fandom.

Restaurants around the country boast craft beer selections, large community events are held every year in celebration of it, and hobbyists from around the world gather online to discuss new releases in anticipation of getting their hands on a bottle of something great.

This year will be no different as American beer companies are beginning to reveal what can be expected in 2013. One that seems to keep coming up is the release of a commonly known European style beer drink, the Shandy.

What is Shandy? Traditionally, it is a mix of lager with lemonade or citrus soda, but brewers like The Traveler Beer Company are re-imagining the recipe a bit, ensuring thehighest quality lager brewed with real lemon and lime, ginger and premium clover honey.

While you could just add some lemonade to your lager, there is something wildly more appealing about the idea of a craft beer already infused, and in fact brewed from the start with the flavors you’d traditionally taste in this cocktail.

Shandy’s have typically been marketed in the U.S. as a seasonal summer beer, but are now being enjoyed year round. It’s a fantastic way to add an extra beverage option to your BBQ menu, enjoy during Thanksgiving lunch or an option for Christmas dinner. We really mean year-round. Take it a step further and create an entire party specifically around the tasting of your local craft beer companies.

What are your favorite craft beers? Do you plan to try a Shandy this year?

If you need a little inspiration, we know for a fact that beer and pie go wonderfully together. Just sayin’. You can thank us later.

Happy eating, drinking, and let us know what you’ve tried this year!

-Sasha Huff



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