I just completed The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo for my book club, and it was fantastic. I started the book probably a week and a half ago, but have been reluctant to put it down to do much of anything. The thriller follows an investigative journalist named Mikael Blomkvist through his highs, lows, and yearlong search for a murderer. The title refers to the other main character in the book, Lisbeth Salander, a personal investigator. Their lives intertwine throughout the novel by Stieg Larsson as they try to solve the mysteries of the wealthy Swedish Vanger family. Originally, Blomkvist’s reputation becomes tarnished by a set-up job, but you will have to see if he redeems himself or not!

dragonMr. Larsson is Swedish and wrote all three books in this trilogy before his untimely passing in 2004. I am impatiently waiting to read The Girl Who Played With Fire next. If it reads with as many twists, intrigues, or is half as compelling as the first book, I will be perfectly happy. While the translation of these novels definitely leaves something left to be desired, it does not take away from the novel itself and reads quickly despite its 590 pages.

The book deals with a lot of dark concepts, so if you are easily disturbed this probably isn’t the book for you. I’m easily scared but still liked it though.


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