The Real Housewives of New York is out of control this season. I have never seen grown women act so immature and pithy in my life! Well, maybe on Real Housewives of New Jersey…

bethanyAnyway, I watch all but the ATL ones religiously, and I must say lately the drama continues to increase each season. For me, this is great television… until I realize that these women on the shows are GROWN UPs who act like high school aged children (at best) but typically have their own offspring. When I see them embarrass themselves all over the television, I like to watch it, but if this was my mom… yikes. I suppose I should throw in the fact that I am extremely fortunate to have a mother who does not embarrass me!

So if you haven’t been tuning in this season, start! There is yet again no lack of ridiculous brainless comments from Kelly Bensimon, who is a “writer” but might have the IQ of my adorable dog. The woman is gorgeous but too tan and thinks that Playboy is more famous than the Bible. Jill is the mean girl from high school- the woman brings up Twitter drama, feuds, and always feels like she’s being attacked. She is the grown-up version of Regina George (and sadly, non-fictional). Bethenny has her sharp one-liners and no longer is the single girl you’ve come to know. Ramona is married and speaks her mind. Bethenny describes her best when she says, “Diarrhea of the mouth is not a real ailment.” The “Ramonacoaster” has its ups and downs, and is usually most noticeable when influenced by IV of Pinot Grigio. Luann is newly divorced but still on her high horse of calling everyone “darling” and being holier-than-thou. Alex, a married mom of two, works, keeps peace, and seems to be, strangely enough, the only voice of reason.

Just this past episode they added new blood, Sonja, into this show. Hopefully she acts older than thirteen, but that’s still to be determined. Her gushing about Max (whom Kelly dated) and her love of inappropriate things had me blushing… wait, this is someone’s MOM? Awkward.

That said, whose team are you on- Bethenny or Jill? This friends-turned-enemies thing makes for some pretty good television, so tune in to Bravo on Thursdays at 10 PM!

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