Turn Up The Heat on Your Eats With Gourmet Sriracha Salt I sincerely find myself at a loss when going out to eat at a restaurant or enjoying a meal at a friend’s house that doesn’t have Sriracha on hand. I never run out of ways to obsess over spicing up my meals with the stuff, I slather the sizzling Thai chili sauce on so many foods. But enjoying it as different foods, as opposed to merely on different foods, hadn’t previously occurred to me.  A friend who’s also rabid for the Rooster Sauce introduced me to Sriracha Salt and now it feels like now any other condiments could become Sriracha condiments, and probably will, and perhaps I’ll never have to do without some form of it again.

Offering thirteen spice blends and seven gourmet salts, Anna’s Spices “created this special line of spices and salts with a desire to offer simplicity when making a gourmet meal,” and calls their blends a kitchen in a bottle.  Founder and owner Anna Claire Frumes is experienced in world cuisine and wanted her products to support the notion that cooking at home should be fun, healthy, tasty and easy.

“These are not traditional spice blends.  They are flavors that I have combined based on the tastes I know and love from all over the world” – Anna Claire Frumes of Anna’s Spices

Anna’s Sriracha Salt “makes a superiorly spicy combination with fine sea salts mixed with sriracha and cayenne pepper to challenge even the most fire loving person you know.” The zesty spice blend captures the flavor of Sriracha incredibly well, while the coarse sea salt pairs with it perfectly.

It’s a bit like how garlic powder is great, salt it great, but garlic salt has it’s own appeal for certain uses. Sriracha Salt wouldn’t take the place of neither Sriracha nor salt, but I can already imagine it’s own many uses, sprinkled on a baked potato, spicing up boring broccoli, kicking up zucchini with a pinch of zest, etc. I can’t imagine the endless possibilities for grilling if I were a meat eater. Every Sriracha fan worth their salt (ha!), should give Anna’s gourmet seasoning a shot.  — Casandra Armour

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